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The Pre-Parade


Hubster and I had this brilliant idea to go to the Blowing up of the Balloons on Central Park West. Somehow, we failed to take in the fact that a)today is the busiest travel day of the year; b)NYC is under a gridlock alert and c)there is a strike on Broadway. What does all of […]

Why do so many people think that life is so easy if you’re a stay-at-home-mom? People think you’re sitting around, watching soaps, eating Devil Dogs and getting fat. They think you get to sleep as much as you want (sleep late, take naps, that type of thing). I wish someone had told me the truth. […]

My daughter was diagnosed with “mild” autism in September ’07 and ever since, I’ve been plunged into some sort of bizarro world. The neurologist who diagnosed her spent all of 10 minutes asking me a bunch of questions from the Denver Developmental Screening Test. Little did he know, I already had my very own copy. […]