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The Big “O”


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not about that big O. “What do you think about Oprah and Obama?” asked the Occupational Therapist. This came out of the blue during our last session. After being prefaced with “I know I shouldn’t be asking this question but…,” she asked it anyway. I was startled […]

Here’s an article from the NY Times about how certain disorders might run in families. Definitely food for thought…especially with what I’ve seen in my own family (relating to food & allergies). “Your Child’s Disorder May Be Yours, Too”

So BabyBoo and I packed a lunch and headed off for the hills. Our goal was not to escape the industrial wasteland of Union County for the lush countryside of Sussex with its rolling hills and grazing horses (it’s amazing what NJ has to offer less than 2 hours away). We were not searching for […]

I got into this interesting discussion with my dentist today as she was preparing the temporary crown for my back tooth. This was after the first one cracked within hours of being installed. I had come back to her office for an emergency visit, with of course, the Baby Boodle in tow. “Is she with […]

One down, one to go. Holiday, that is. Unless you count Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s. Then you’ve got a ways to go (especially if you celebrate all of the above and Christmas). Thanksgiving was okay. After much discussion, planning, redistribution of resources and wrangling, it was decided that all family members would stay in […]