They Shoot Turkeys Don’t They?


One down, one to go. Holiday, that is. Unless you count Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s. Then you’ve got a ways to go (especially if you celebrate all of the above and Christmas). Thanksgiving was okay. After much discussion, planning, redistribution of resources and wrangling, it was decided that all family members would stay in their respective houses. I mean really, we’ve been making plans since August and it all boiled down to no one wanting to do anything which is what should have been decided back in August.

Atlanta Sis couldn’t get off from work on the Friday which meant that she wasn’t flying home. Initially, Queens Sis had to work Friday as well which meant she didn’t want to cook for everybody. She eventually got Friday off but ended up being sick the whole weekend. Mom, Dad & Granny stopped by my house (but didn’t want to do a big dinner–hello, it’s Thanksgiving, it’s all about being stuffed.) So it ended up being me, Hubster and Baby Boo. After a recent phone convo with Mom, it seems as though everyone was miserable. Either we’re miserable together or miserable apart. Sheesh!


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