Will Work for Autism


So BabyBoo and I packed a lunch and headed off for the hills. Our goal was not to escape the industrial wasteland of Union County for the lush countryside of Sussex with its rolling hills and grazing horses (it’s amazing what NJ has to offer less than 2 hours away). We were not searching for beauty; we were on our way to see a DAN! practitioner.

The appointment had been made two months ago. Armed with my stack of paperwork (12 downloaded pages to be exact), I also had copies of evaluations from BabyBoo’s “team” of therapists and a food diary from the last 3 days.

Damn, I need my own team of therapists.

Anywhoo, we followed the directions listed on her website. It’s a good thing I allotted lots of travel time. Her office is in Hackettstown which is not easy to get to from where I live and took me roughly 90 minutes each way.

She was definitely worth the trip. Dr. E. was clear, concise, down to earth and very warm. She ordered a bunch of tests and prescribed B-12 shots (which I have to administer, yay!). She raised an issue about possible celiac disease in my family. My mother has always had food allergies and has always thought she is allergic to wheat. She’s getting tested for celiac disease at the end of the month–she never truly believed she has rheumatoid arthritis since all of her symptoms don’t match. Dr. E. ordered a blood test for me as well in addition to urine and stool samples for BB. That’s the subject for another blog entry.

It’s funny how having a child makes you reflect and dig within…even if it’s just finding out what may or may not run in your family in terms of disease.


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