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So The Hubster has been teaching our lovely daughter the rallying cry “No justice, no peace!” and “The people, united, will never be defeated!” He has also been teaching her the black power fist. Either she’s gonna be a revolutionary or a Republican (or both if that’s at all possible). I’m tucking away some money […]

Am I the only one who thinks Hillary’s “moment of deep emotion” today was full of shit? (Full disclosure: I’m a registered Dem who has high hopes for Hil.) I think that at the 5 am briefing today, someone said to HC, “You gotta pump up the emotion factor. The people need to see your […]

Is It Over?…


…I ask, as I emerge, bleary-eyed and hungover from too much eating, too much spending, too much cooking and too much family. It’s a full week into the new year and I have finally crawled out from beneath the rubble. As hard as I try to be more organized, to be less a worshiper on […]