Is It Over?…


…I ask, as I emerge, bleary-eyed and hungover from too much eating, too much spending, too much cooking and too much family. It’s a full week into the new year and I have finally crawled out from beneath the rubble.

As hard as I try to be more organized, to be less a worshiper on the alter of consumerism, to avoid being sucked into the madness that is the holidays, I always end up running around like a chicken with no head, spending too much money and running out of time. Every year, I swear the next will be better…that I will be better. I’m still trying to get there.

Baby Boodle still has a gift in the closet that has yet to be put together. It’s a little red wagon that she can’t use until the weather gets warmer but still. It’s embarrassing to admit that. Besides, she’s been ODing on the zillion toys she got from the grandparents & aunts.

For some reason, this holiday season was a rough one. It could have been the dog peeing blood, or my serious dental work, or the million appointments for BB or the fact that my husband might not have a job soon or my new car needing major repairs that made it a tad bit harder to bear. There were a few other happenings that I’ll mention in future posts.

Looking ahead to the new year, I’m hopeful that it will be better than the last. It’s got to be.


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