Blogless in Dysturbia


I feel like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I’m a chicken with no head, squawking around the yard trying to find myself.

I’m applying to grad school (for another post-secondary degree for which I will make no money). I take the GREs on 2/26 and have had absolutely no time to blog. Throw into that mix, 2 new tutees and a project from my old job (their timing is impeccable…but I’m not complaining since I need the $$$) and a 2 year-old who refuses to do anything I say and you’ve got someone who barely knows what day it is. There is so much to talk about…the Grammys (of which I’m kind of boycotting), Hillary, Barack, the rising price of wheat (by 150%!) and the lack of great restaurants in New Jersey. Ahh, the blogging life, how my fingers itch for thee!

Now, where’s my drink…


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