So I walk into Home Depot


…today to see what kind of half-dead, cheap Easter plants I could get my hands on and was met with a few shocks.

First, there was a greeter. At first I thought, “She must know those people” because in all of the years that I’ve been shopping at Home Depot, I’ve never been greeted. Not without someone wanting to just say hello. When the greeter greeted me, with some sincerity, I might add, I was really surprised. I greeted her back.

I then proceeded to acquire said little half-dead Easter plants, which weren’t so half-dead after all. And they were pretty cheap. What was more surprising was that I could actually walk down the aisles without having to navigate around comatose shoppers or bratty kids on heelies. There was nobody in there. A good friend of mine mentioned to me recently that she had gone to HD and couldn’t believe how empty it was. Here I was on a Saturday (Easter Saturday!!!) and there were a few souls here and there, but not the rabid throng that I’m so used to on the weekend.

The most amazing thing was the fact that there were cashiers standing in front of their registers, beckoning–yes, beckoning customers to get their items rung up. One cashier tilted her head, inviting me over. Back in the old, flush money days, you could flash a pocketful of green at a cashier and she wouldn’t even break her gum chewing rhythm to acknowledge your pathetic existence.

Could it be that this was just a really well-managed Home Depot (Rt. 1 South in Edison)? The stock was organized, the aisles were clean. It looked really inviting. If I had more money, I would have spent more just because everything looked so damn good. Shoppers beware. With the market downturn, methinks the days of the orange apron might be numbered. It’ll be just a matter of time before all of those Home Depots and Lowes start closing their doors. Then, we’ll be really stuck since the little hardware guy at the corner no longer exists.


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