There is this mom I barely know that I met at the rec center in Rahway. At first, we connected really well. She had lots of great ideas and didn’t want to be defined as “just a stay-at-home mom.” She was also young and black and had a huge afro too. “What could be wrong with her?” I thought to myself. Hmmmmm.

Then I started to notice the sexy shoes. I mean, here we are, trying to make sure the little ones don’t zoom headfirst down the mini-slide and she’s got these gorgeous roach killers on. Then, there is the disappearing act. We’d see her at the rec center or the library, then weeks would go by and she’d show up like she didn’t miss a thing, no explanation, nothing.

When she did show, she’d be late. No, I mean, really late. She would average 30-45 minutes off the clock. I invited her to my Discovery Toys party and we had to wait for her. I invited her to my Friday mom’s group and once she blew us off and when she did show, she was 50 mins late. Baby Boo got invited to her son’s chi-chi Gymboree party and the guests were all there before the birthday boy.

Yesterday I’m at the rec center and she tells me that she used my name as a reference for nursing school. I looked at her, smiled and told her that it was okay even though I was dumbfounded. “I guess I really should have asked you first,” she said and smiled. Who is this woman? And why do people like that keep popping up in my life? I really should have said something snide, but I was too busy being confused.

Maybe she’s so weird because she’s from south Jersey. Argh!


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