Being a female reporter for ABC


Not me reporting…but others. Is there some ABC rule that you must only weigh 80lbs in order to be a reporter?

One of my addictions is watching the news (mostly ABC) and I’ve noticed over the last few months how super thin Deborah Roberts and Kate Snow are. I mean, they are starving in front of the camera. Now I’m not one to comment on body weight/type since I hate when people do that about me, but their situation is really extreme. If the camera adds 10lbs then I shudder to think of what they must look like in person.

Newswatching–that’s one addiction I need to quit (among many others). It’s not like they’re giving me real news anyway. I do listen/watch the BBC and NPR but the first place I run to is ABC. I was breastfed off of their news.

I’m back, by the way…not that anyone cares. No one reads this stupid thing, not my husband, not my family. Not the 2 friends I have left on the planet. No one. It’s just me, my laptop and the universe. Oh well, you come into the world alone and you leave it alone and somewhere in the middle, you exist alone too.

There’s so much to talk about…Obama, Hillary, Living Lohan, cutting my Afro. But I’ve been gripped by apathy and inertia. Nobody’s reading this right, so who cares?


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