Linden Shoprite Sucks


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there are things about living in Linden that I like and appreciate (unpretentious, low-key mentality, immigrants and people from everywhere, proximity to train and NYC) but sometimes, I hate it (that same low-key mentality, people who sometimes can’t think beyond the here and now) etc.

I hate the fact that there are no cool little shops but tons of nail salons and 99 cent stores. I hate the fact that the former mayor’s big coup was to fill the swamp on the edge of town with a honking huge shopping mall/movie theater extravaganza (Aviation Plaza) where all the Staten Island folk descend like vultures on the weekend to buy up everything that isn’t nailed down. The take-out food really sucks here (but this is Jersey and it sucks just about everywhere); there aren’t any good sit-down places either…except maybe the Cavalier Diner/Restaurant (it’s more than just a diner you know).

I’m ranting.

The top of this heap of hate is the Linden Shoprite. The store manager and the produce manager and I think the meat manager all know me by sight because every time I go in there (and I mean every time, like 2x/week), I find food that has expired or is rotting on the shelf. Today I found deli meat that had expired on May 23, 2008. I mean, that’s over a month ago. And there it was, sitting pretty as you please on the rack waiting to be purchased by some unsuspecting person. If this were Shoprite in Clark or Woodbridge, there would be such an uproar. But it’s Linden, and too many people don’t care. I’ve even gone down to City Hall. They were basically useless. I guess I’ll go back down there tomorrow to write out a formal complaint, again. I can’t help but think about the person who might be in a rush, might not be aware of expiration dates, might not have the courage to go and complain to City Hall or even to the manager. Shoprite has been doing this for years and getting away with it. Maybe if I keep complaining and writing about it on the web, somebody will listen. We might not be Westfield, or Cranford or even Clark, but we deserve to have fresh meat and dairy too.


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