About the Dysturbed

My current occupation is part-time tutor and full-time mother and wife. Sounds boring, I know, but somehow I’m never bored. I’m usually running around like my head is on fire. I guess in a way it is. I’ve always got something to say about everything.

I live in the Sixth Borough (new jersey…note the lowercase). I’ve lived her forever but still consider myself a native New Yorker. My town, an older working-class city along the NJTransit line would not be considered a bastion of suburban living but it suits us fine. That us would be me, husband #1, baby A and the dog.

I like to read good books, watch art films and have serious discussions. I also like Grey’s Anatomy, Eric Jerome Dickey novels and OK! magazine. We all need our guilty pleasures. I consider myself a semi-crunchy, sorta hippie (my mother used to take me to peace/civil rights rallies when I was still in a stroller), environmentally friendly consumer who loves sharp wit and great food.

My big dreams are world peace (or at least less screaming on news channels), being published before I turn 40, flowers planted on every corner and a house with a working fireplace. My small dream is to be able to balance my check book and have some leftovers.


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