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Here’s an article from the NY Times about how certain disorders might run in families. Definitely food for thought…especially with what I’ve seen in my own family (relating to food & allergies). “Your Child’s Disorder May Be Yours, Too” Advertisements

So BabyBoo and I packed a lunch and headed off for the hills. Our goal was not to escape the industrial wasteland of Union County for the lush countryside of Sussex with its rolling hills and grazing horses (it’s amazing what NJ has to offer less than 2 hours away). We were not searching for […]

My daughter was diagnosed with “mild” autism in September ’07 and ever since, I’ve been plunged into some sort of bizarro world. The neurologist who diagnosed her spent all of 10 minutes asking me a bunch of questions from the Denver Developmental Screening Test. Little did he know, I already had my very own copy. […]