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Is It Over?…


…I ask, as I emerge, bleary-eyed and hungover from too much eating, too much spending, too much cooking and too much family. It’s a full week into the new year and I have finally crawled out from beneath the rubble. As hard as I try to be more organized, to be less a worshiper on […]

One down, one to go. Holiday, that is. Unless you count Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s. Then you’ve got a ways to go (especially if you celebrate all of the above and Christmas). Thanksgiving was okay. After much discussion, planning, redistribution of resources and wrangling, it was decided that all family members would stay in […]

The Pre-Parade


Hubster and I had this brilliant idea to go to the Blowing up of the Balloons on Central Park West. Somehow, we failed to take in the fact that a)today is the busiest travel day of the year; b)NYC is under a gridlock alert and c)there is a strike on Broadway. What does all of […]