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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there are things about living in Linden that I like and appreciate (unpretentious, low-key mentality, immigrants and people from everywhere, proximity to train and NYC) but sometimes, I hate it (that same low-key mentality, people who sometimes can’t think beyond the here and now) etc. I […]

I just read a really interesting article by Alice Walker’s daughter Rebecca here: Dear mama Alice thought that motherhood meant enslavement and basically spent more time traveling, writing, teaching and doing anything but being a mother. Since I’ve become a mother, I’ve tried hard not to judge anybody–especially other women who chose to or […]

Not me reporting…but others. Is there some ABC rule that you must only weigh 80lbs in order to be a reporter? One of my addictions is watching the news (mostly ABC) and I’ve noticed over the last few months how super thin Deborah Roberts and Kate Snow are. I mean, they are starving in front […]



There is this mom I barely know that I met at the rec center in Rahway. At first, we connected really well. She had lots of great ideas and didn’t want to be defined as “just a stay-at-home mom.” She was also young and black and had a huge afro too. “What could be wrong […]

I feel like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I’m a chicken with no head, squawking around the yard trying to find myself. I’m applying to grad school (for another post-secondary degree for which I will make no money). I take the GREs on 2/26 and have had absolutely no time to blog. Throw […]

Hell must be frozen; the devil is wearing fur tights. The motherfuckin’ Giants have won the Superbowl. Everyone in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area has been busting at the seams for the last week, happy, yet very confused. We’ve all been walking around, scratching our heads (or balls) and saying, “Now, exactly how did the Giants […]

So The Hubster has been teaching our lovely daughter the rallying cry “No justice, no peace!” and “The people, united, will never be defeated!” He has also been teaching her the black power fist. Either she’s gonna be a revolutionary or a Republican (or both if that’s at all possible). I’m tucking away some money […]

I got into this interesting discussion with my dentist today as she was preparing the temporary crown for my back tooth. This was after the first one cracked within hours of being installed. I had come back to her office for an emergency visit, with of course, the Baby Boodle in tow. “Is she with […]

Why do so many people think that life is so easy if you’re a stay-at-home-mom? People think you’re sitting around, watching soaps, eating Devil Dogs and getting fat. They think you get to sleep as much as you want (sleep late, take naps, that type of thing). I wish someone had told me the truth. […]